At Live Outdoors Landscaping, our goal is to ensure that we install the ideal landscape design for your property. We offer in-house design and we maintain experts on staff who know how to partner closely with your landscape design architect. If you don’t have a landscape design architect, we can make some recommendations of reputable firms in the area and can provide additional consultation as needed. If you're unable to hire an architect for smaller landscape development projects, our on-staff designers can help.

Whether we work with a design architect or you directly, our approach is collaborative. We start by listening carefully to your lifestyle, preferences and budget requirements. This combined with an analysis of your property's external factors, such as sun exposures, existing vegetation and other surroundings, allows us to understand what will and will not work for you.

The result is a blending of current surroundings with creative and aesthetically pleasing designs that will transform your property to a beautiful landscape for all to enjoy.